Possible Players of the Week

Based on this Week in Game Shows, My Selections for Player of the Week are Charles from Masterminds who came so Close of Becoming a Mastermind, but Leaves with $21K during his 3 Day run. Next Selection: One of the Teachers that will win $100K Friday, 3rd Selection: Emily Dowler’s Epic Bonus Round Playing of Press Your Luck winning a Tesla and Over $285K Cash winning Over $455K, Other Selections including a Huge Wall win by Hechtan & Hector winning $1,749,907 becoming the BIGGEST WINNERS on “The Wall”, Anderson Cooper’s Big $500K Win on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Victoria Randolph’s Great Playing of Pathfinder snapping the game’s Losing Streak. Who will be the Contestant/Player of the week for 5/31-6/5?

Let’s Make a Deal Results 6/4/2020

How Many Perfect Deals?: 1

Car Win?: Yes

Big Deal revealed by increased (Wendy):

SD (#1): Beach sports pkg. ($2,996)

MD (#3): Outdoor furn., Kudo outdoor speakers & Deep Sentinel home security ceramics pkg.- X

BD (#2): Trip to Little Polynesian ($17,803) + EVERYTHING IN THE BIG DEAL

Quickie Deals:

Allison: Pen(cil)($200) – $

Jesse: Domino game piece (J)($500) – X

Imani: Earbuds or headphones (T)($200) – $

John: Something w/ “insurance” on it (J)($200)- $

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Skipps’ Grade: TBA
Skipps’ Rating: TBA

Grade: C-
Rating: 7

This episode did not air in my area due to George Floyd’s funeral service.

Jeopardy Teacher’s Tournament FINALS – GAME 1 Results 6/4/2020

Daily Double Correct Answers: 1

Final Jeopardy Correct Answers: 0 (Correct: Who is T.E. Lawrence?)

The winner will be announced tomorrow.

So Far After Game 1:

Maggie: $7,600

Ben: $7,500

Will: $6,000

ant0824’s Rating: 6

Adam’s Grade: TBA
Adam’s Rating: TBA

Skipps’ Grade: TBA
Skipps’ Rating: TBA

Grade: D-
Rating: 5

Had Will missed that last daily double, it would’ve been a washout.

Let’s Make a Deal Recap – 6/3/2020

Perfect Deals: 2

Car wins: No

BD (Taylor):
SD (#3): $2545

MD (#1): Fisher & Paykel kitchen + Breville coffee machine & coffee beanery gift basket & GC

BD (#2): 5n at Trout Point Lodge of Nova Scotia ($7,518) & trip to Little Polynesian- Win

Regina: 7 was the last digit on her driver’s license (D)- Win

My Rating: 7

Skipps’ Grade:
Skipps’ Rating:

Ismael’s Grade:
Ismael’s Rating:

Jeopardy Teacher’s Tournament SEMIFINAL – GAME 2 Results 6/2/2020

Daily Double Correct Answers: Same as yesterday

Final Jeopardy Correct Answers: Same as yesterday

Winner: Meggie (24,382 (Finalist))

ant0824’s Rating: 7

Adam’s Grade: TBA
Adam’s Rating: TBA

Skipps’ Grade: TBA
Skipps’ Rating: TBA

Grade: C-
Rating: 7

Let’s Make a Deal Results 6/2/2020

How Many Perfect Deals?: Same as yesterday

Car Win?: No (Go Big or Go Home ended in a wipeout)

Big Deal revealed by increasing values (Jennifer):


MD (#3): Viking Spa + CaRiLOHa wear & Diff Charitable Eyewear – X

BD (#1): Subaru Imprerza Premium

Quickie Deals:

Deeyana: Thought Quinn was the name of the little kid from “IRON MAN 3” ($300) – X (A: Ty Simpkins)

Jewel: Thought of the Quinn jet & Jarvis as Stark’s assistant ($600)- $

Adam: Thought the bankroll amts. were $1200 & $2400 (T) – X

Morgan: Anything w/ UPC symbol (J) – $

Candice: Pieces of makeup (T) – M-O FOR $300

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Skipps’ Grade: TBA
Skipps’ Rating: TBA

Grade: D-
Rating: 5

The Price is Right Results 6/2/2020

Push Over: L

Card Game: W

One Wrong Price: W

Showcase Showdown Winner #1: Amparo

It’s in the Bag: Takes $4,000

Flip Flop: L

More or Less: Wins Smoker and Treadmill

Showcase Showdown Winner #2: Dana

Showcase Winner: Dana ($35,772)

ant0824’s Rating: 7

Skipps’ Grade: TBA
Skipps’ Rating: TBA

Grade: C
Rating: 7

Remember, no Fourth of July special this year due to coronavirus. Also, Stephen Colbert was on a Colonial Penn commercial during this episode.

The Wall Results 6/1/2020

Hechtan & Hector (bros. in Ft. Lee, NJ; former’s a corrections officer, while the latter’s an Army vet & their family’s in Puerto Rico)

#1: Fenty Beauty is a makeup brand that was created by what pop star- Katy Perry or Rihanna?
Katy Perry (A: Rihanna)– 1 (FURTHEST L)/BOTH 1s BRACKETING THE 25K
#2: A pair of dice that come up “boxcars” total what number- two or 12?
12– 100 (L)/10K (R)/100 (R)
#3: Fullback, striker & winger are positions of players in which of these pro sports- soccer or cricket?
Cricket (A: Soccer)– 1 (JUST R OF 25K)/10K (R)/1 (FURTHEST R)
#4: About 90% of the world’s ice mass is on the continent that lies in the region surrounding which pole- North or South?
South– 5K (L)/1 (JUST L OF 25K)/10K (R)
#5: Commonly seen on brides in India the temporary tattoo art form known as Mehndi decorates the skin w/ a dye from which plant- henna or hemp?
Henna– BOTH 100s/1 (JUST R OF 25K)
Answered Q’s: Hechtan

Positive Superdrop: 25K/TWO IN 1 (25K/50K)/50K/100K/10 (R)/250K
#1 (4): Also the title of a movie & found in the name of a video game which geologic fault’s the longest in CA- San Andreas, San Bernardino or San Jose?
San Andreas– 100K
#2 (3- DOUBLE): Gin predominantly gets its flavor from which of these- Myrtle berries, loganberries or Juniper berries?
Myrtle berries (A: Juniper berries)- 1 (25K/50K)/50K
#3 (6- TRIPLE): Since ’46 which NBA team has played their home games on a unique parquet floor made of red oak- Lakers, Celtics or Knicks?
Lakers (A: Celtics)- TWO IN 100 (125K/250K)/250K
Negative Superdrop: 10K/50K/TWO IN 100K/10 (R)/TWO IN 250K


Positive Freebies:
#2- 50K
#5- 500K
#1- 500K

#4 (3): In ’82 Paul Newman started the Newman’s Own product line whose profits go to charity. Which was the 1st product in that line- popcorn, salsa, salad dressing or lemonade?
Popcorn (A: Salad dressing)- 1 (200K/300K)
#5 (1): A fidget spinner’s able to spin freely by using ball bearings to reduce which of these- inertia, friction, gravity or surface tension?
Friction– 10 (R)
#6 (2): The U.S. Navy Observatory recognizes Jan. 1, 2001 as the official beginning of the new millennium. On that date the #1 song on the Hot 100 was by which girl group- Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls, Wilson Phillips or Salt-N-Pepa?
Spice Girls (A: Destiny’s Child)- 100K

Final Drops:
#4- 1 (300K/400K)
#2- 100 (L)
#5- 200K
#1- 1 (200K/300K) = “AND NEW” ($1,749,907- Hechtan was this close to signing the contract)

ant0824’s Rating: 11 out of 10

Skipps’ Grade: TBA
Skipps’ Rating: TBA

Grade: A+
Rating: 10

The promo for this episode may have been spoiled. What do you think, guys?


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